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The First Digital Metaverse Healthcare Platform, TERATTO

Benefits received
registering for free in TERATTO

Space + Facilities + Program

All healthcare-related companies such as hospitals, health companies, beauty shops, universities, and research institutes can register in TERATTO for free.

All healthcare-related companies such as hospitals, health companies, beauty shops, universities, and research institutes can register TERATTO for free.

Stores are provided with a certain space and facilities such as a basic consultation room, medical treatment room, and sales room through NFT, users can install store on a first-come, first-served basis on the floor they want. Each facility supports basic modules for video, image, document, and conversation (voice, text) through various programs such as consultation, customer management, and chart recording.

The paid NFTs can be sold to others at any time, and can be leased to earn profits. In the future, before the opening of the TERATTO metaverse.

My business
expanding through Space Expansion!

1. Purchase of land / building

2. Purchase/rent of space

3. purchase of facilities


    To create own building, users must purchase building as well as land.


    To expand own space, users can buy or rent space to increase multiple facilities.


    After purchasing the NFT by searching for the necessary functions, users can press the Install button to apply the new facility.

Store owners can expand when their own space is insufficient, and in order to expand the space, they must rent or purchase the space. Of course, they can also buy land and buildy their own buildings.

For space facilities, users can purchase a completed NFT for each function and install it according to their space. The functions presented in each NFT are compatible with a pre-developed program, through just attach them like Lego, and other necessary objects such as medical, health, and beauty can be placed in the free space and used.

Land and buildings are limited, so prices may continue to rise until TERATTO creates new land. However, since the facilities are sold collectively by TERATTO, users can use them at a very affordable price.

Conveniently and quickly through
Free System!

Customer management / prescription delivery / product sales / service provision system

Provision of various programs that have been reviewed for compatibility

In TERATTO, services such as basic customer management, prescription delivery, product sales, and service provision can be used free of charge by companies related to health care such as hospitals, health, and beauty without having to purchase or develop a system at a cost. In addition, we provide advertisements such as signboards and videos that can promote company within the metaverse, as well as consulting and marketing tools to attract customers.

Even a large company can purchase at a low cost various progrmas because they are modularized and sold. Of course, we only sell systems that have been reviewed for compatibility.

Try TERATTO when starting a new business or having problems with an existing system. The basic system is all free, and you can expand your system by picking only what you need.

Extensive business
support through
API system support

Support for providing
service to stores

  • OWN

    by the registered stores


    Interlock with TERATTO
    VR·AR, video, and image
    modules through API


    Provision of own services
    to customers and direct
    operation management

Although not in TERATTO, when hospitals, universities, research institutes, companies, and telecommunication companies want to provide customers with their own services developed by themselves, we support a system that can be linked with an API so that stores can easily service them.

At this time, the program is operated and managed by each stores, and TERATTO can show only video, image, voice, and text to customers.

If users want to sell the program developed themselves, they can consult with TERATTO to make it with NFT and provide service to TARATTO. All revenue, excluding certain fees, is paid to NFT creators.