The First Digital Healthcare Metaverse


TERATTO is a service that builds a metaverse-based digital healthcare infrastructure,
and various companies such as medical, health, and beauty are registered to be able to provide their services
and products to customers and to sell to mint as NFT.

Health Care Platform, TERATTO

TERATTO provides the infrastructure of digital healthcare, and global healthcare companies freely register their stores to provide and sell their services to customers.

terrato platform terrato platform terrato platform

TERATTO Core Value

    • Configuring the service space that users need as they want
    • Owns, sells, or leases purchased land, buildings, or items
  • FREE
    • Providing basic space in free for the registered store (NFT)
    • Providing basic service functions in free for the registered store (NFT)
    • Expansion of space through land and building purchases
    • Buy NFT for the space you need, expand the space
    • Providing CRM and OCS programs for consultation and reservation
    • Sales of services and products / Interworking with own service API
    • Stores can use TERATTO big data for free
    • Profit distribution based on big data sales (individuals)
  • NFT
    • Directly issue NFTs for required functions
    • Selling services and goods with NFT (gift certificate)

What is

Most of TERATTO's components, such as avatars to use services·land·buildings·objects (space, equipment) for building healthcare infrastructure, and services and products sold by stores, are traded with NFTs.

In particular, the objects that make up the space have each function already made, so it is a revolutionary service that can be used immediately after purchase.

In addition, NFTs sold by stores are sold by directly issuing NFTs with the same function as gift certificates.

  • Avatar

  • Land / Building

  • Object(Space, Equipment)

  • Services & Products of Stores